2018 LGIFR annual report

   LGIFR saw a few changes for the 2018 physical year. During the first board meeting for 2018 Chief Don Adams retired to follow pursuits with his family. The fire board made the decision to modify the staffing of LGIFR by returning to a full time on island fire chief and filling needed days off with part time personnel. On March 1 2018 this change took effect. I William (Bill) Underhill along with my family moved to the island to call LGI our home.

  Chief Adams completed his island access survey in 2017 showing limited or no access to 60% of the island with the fire apparatus. With this information it was determined to pursue other ideas for fire suppression. The final decision was made to purchase a Kubota RVT with a foam induction skid unit to provide complete and rapid access to the entire island. This unit is capable of being supplied water by any fire hydrant, floating pumps from any water source or if close enough draft from a water source as a full size fire apparatus can. 

  The EMS vehicle was also replaced with a Kubota RVT in 2018. Both of these units are better suited for what is needed to provide proper response to our residents. Due to issues of rust and corrosion both units were disassembled and undercoated to extend the life of the machine. 

  2018 was a tough year for the entire island due to the unrelenting red tide and dead marine life. It is believed that is why we saw yet another slight decrease in call volume with 28 responses, 49% EMS related calls and 51% fire related calls.

  During the year the offer was made to help residents with the burning of debris piles, I am glad to say more than 15 owners called and asked for help, that offer will remain in effect. The more debris we are able to remove from the island the better. Not only does it help eliminate fire hazards, it also reduces the places pest, insects, mosquitos and varmints can hide.

  We are working to become more involved with as many island events as possible, we are currently working with the turtle patrol, assisting with wildlife and marine rescues, attending as many meetings and events as possible.

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