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Little Gasparilla Island
​Fire and Rescue, Inc

Janet Fuquay

Summer 2014

Dear Friends,

I want to thank the little gasparilla fire and rescue department for your rapid response and rescue when i was experiencing a heart attack. Had it not been for your care and instant reaction, I may not have been so fortunate to be here today. There are hardly enough nights that go by when I do not recap that evening and think how lucky I was to be sharing a portion of this island with the finest fire department staff on duty. My family and I can hardly put into words how grateful we are to you all for saving my life and giving us more time with each other. It was an unexpected gift that we hope to return with our deepest gratitude. I have a new outlook on life and plan to come back from this stronger and enjoying time with my family and friends.

Gratefully yours,
Kevin Whispell​

PS. You Are All True HEROES!!!!


EARLY 2015


We were blown away earlier this year by the services of LGIFR EMS. I thought my husband was having a stroke and called 911. They were there in just moments and provided better care than we have had at our permanent home up north, where we live (on dry land) just a few miles from a major fire station. The service on LGI is first rate. They transported him to a dock where a boat was waiting to take us ashore where an ambulance was waiting to take him to our choice of hospitals. He wasn't having a stroke, but had he been, they would have had the CC EMS helicopter come for him. 

When he was released from the hospital, we asked and learned that the money assessed for LGIFR cannot be unsed for medical services...only for fire.  So if you want to have first class EMS on LGI, SEND PERSONAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO LGIFR and specify on the check that it is for EMS.

Send to PO Box 854, PLACIDA, FL  33946.  
Spread the word and help keep our island EMS first rate!

I urge the people on Little Gasparilla to please keep the EMS on the island. My family has used this service on several occasions and each time we have had to call upon them we have needed two people. Once when my sister had to be taken off the island for her emergency appendectomy, another time to help my brother in law (Bill Meredith) come home from the hospital after his lung surgery and yet another when sadly my brother in law died on the island. On each occasion there was no way that one EMS person would have been able to get the person down the steps. I myself had to use their services when I needed to get to the hospital for an acute diverticulitis attack. I know there are other occasions when people needed their help and each time it required TWO people. I also need to mention how very caring and helpful these people have been, so professional and yet kind and tender. Thank you, Dorothy Bennink​

May 2015

The following letter was received by the LGIFR Board from Kevin Whispell. The original handwritten letter is available for viewing by clicking on the link below.