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Little Gasparilla Island
​Fire and Rescue, Inc

LGI Community Emergency Response Team Established:  

The Board of the LGI Fire and Rescue has been working for the past year in cooperation with Charlotte County Fire and Rescue to finds ways to ensure islanders are provided the highest possible level of service taking into account our isolation from the mainland and our limited tax assessment funding.  Much of this effort has been to establish the trust of our fellow islanders in that we are acting responsibly and working to providing fire and rescue services without raising tax assessments unless absolutely necessary.  The Board did not adopt a tax assessment increase for 2017 despite some serious issues requiring financial outlays.

In order for us to continue to hold the line on any tax increases while providing the best possible fire and rescue services on the island in accordance with our contractual agreements with the County, we need the assistance of every islander.  Much has been rumored in the past over the training requirements of volunteer assistants to our professional fire fighter paramedics.  After much exploration with Charlotte County Fire Chief Marianne Taylor, we are establishing a recognized LGI Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and are asking every available islander to participate.  CERT members will not be put into dangerous situations. This is not a firefighter or emergency medical technician training program replacement, but a way for island volunteer of any age or ability to aide our paid staff in the event of an emergency until mainland resources can arrive. 
The training is specifically designed to leverage all volunteers regardless of physical limitations or comfort level of participation. A job task analysis for every likely call for service on the island was performed last spring and it was learned that many tasks required in a response to an incident require little to moderate training.  An example of a task requiring little training is a volunteer assistant responding to the closest dock to meet mainland rescuers and escorting them to the scene.  
Our island situation is unique and necessitates us coming together to come to the aide of our neighbors and friends in time of most dire need. The simple fact is that besides our one paid fire fighter paramedic, all we have is each other until off island rescuers arrive.  

Next meeting is January 9th, 2017 @ 6:00pm at the LGIFR Fire House on Jolly Rancher Rd.

Registration is simple.  Just send an email to with the names and email addresses/phone numbers or every participant.  We sincerely hope that every available islander participants. Not only is this a way to ensure we can be there for each other when needed, but a chance for us to get to know each other and have some fun together as well.  Thank you for joining the team!