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Little Gasparilla Island Fire and Rescue


Little Gasparilla Island Fire and Rescue is seeking applications for several part time Firefighter/ Paramedic positions. LGI is a bridgeless barrier island in Charlotte County in Southwest Florida accessible only by boat, water taxi or private ferry.  There are no roads and no cars on the island other than fire apparatus and some service vehicles. LGI is 2.5 miles long and ranges in width from ¼ to ½ miles.  There are about 643 parcels of lands on the island with less than 100 full time island residents.  Many of the homeowners are part time residents and much of the population is vacationing renters. 

The department is governed by a 5 member board of directors and consists of the Chief, a cadre of paid firefighter/paramedics, and a number of unpaid volunteers. LGIFR staffs one firefighter/paramedic 24/7/365. Work shifts are 24 hours (10 am-10 am). The average annual call volume is around 55 with over 70% of calls being medical emergencies. 

The mission of LGIFR is to provide on-island rapid response to a fire or medical emergency, assisted by Charlotte County firefighters and paramedics who respond by boat from the mainland and provide off island medical transport. Firefighting and EMS equipment is located on the island. LGIFR is certified to provide Advance Life Support under the supervision of the Charlotte County Medical Director. The organization operates under contract with Charlotte County.


    Current registration by State of Florida as a Firefighter 2 and Paramedic

  •          Florida EVOC Certification
  •          Current certification by the American Heart Association in BLS and ACLS
  •          Certificate of Compliance from the Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Trainin
  •          Social Security Card/Valid Driver's License


Position requires climbing ladders, pushing, pulling, bending, kneeling, stooping, and running. Must have ability to communicate effectively using speaking, hearing, writing and visual skills.


Send letter of introduction and resume to:

Little Gasparilla Island
​Fire and Rescue, Inc

​​If you are unable to be present at the meeting, but would like to listen in by phone, here is how:

  • Call (877) 384-2311
  • At the prompt, enter the following participant code: 739425247 and hit # 
  • All LGI property owners are members of LGIFR and are welcome to attend.

Little Gasparilla Island Fire and Rescue will hold our next Board Meeting on Saturday, June 9, 2018 at 3:30pm at the Firehouse, 9540 Jolly Roger Trail.

Board of Directors:

P.O. Box 854
9540 Jolly Roger Trail
(941) 270-7607

Visitor Number 

Andy Hagelin, District 1, Chairman:
Roy Peteway, District 3, Vice Chairman:
Conrad Coolidge, District 5, Treasurer:
Dale Magoon, District 2, Secretary:
Paul Holmes, District 4, Director:

District House/Property Addresses:

District 1: House #s 8022-8500
District 2: House #s 8504-8952
District 3: House #s 8954-9394
District 4: House #s 9400-9470
District 5: House #s 9400-9470 and higher

The new email address is: 

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