My name is Paul Holmes. My wife Barbara and I have been full-time residents of Little Gasparilla Island for twenty-one years, and  I have served on LGPOA as treasurer since its inception. I supported our earlier volunteer fire group and  thought LGIFR was doing ok until they wanted 6 full-time firemen and a 50% increase in our assessment. While we all voted that down, I didn’t think I could make a difference until I learned that Andy Hagelin and Bob Weronik were also going to run for the fire board  and had opinions similar to mine. Together the three of us can bring LGIFR back to reality. Please support us.

Little Gasparilla Island Property Owners:

My name is Wayne Snell and I am hoping to serve as the District 3 representative on the LGIFR Board.  After visiting and vacationing on the island for over 35 years we have now been full time residents of LGI for a little over a year.  We follow in the footsteps of my wife’s family who were property owners on the island when I met her 38 years ago.

We are very family orientated with two adult children, a son (Fire Medic) in Hillsborough County and a daughter (Attorney) in Tallahassee, and two wonderful grandchildren.

My career consisted of 30 years with City of Lakeland Fire Department serving in various capacities.  Starting at the bottom as a firefighter I worked as a Driver Engineer, Lt., Shift Commander and finally retired after 10 years as an Assistant Chief.  In that capacity I was in charge of the operations division, ensuring that 135 line personnel provided the best emergency fire and medical response possible. I also spent two years on the administrative side where I worked on purchasing and budget.

Having attended several of the recent meetings of LGIFR I have gained a great respect for those who operate such a small department with limited funds in an environment of diverse philosophies. My job in a larger department where I had the advantage of a well defined revenue stream and established policies was much easier.

I believe that my past experience would benefit the department operationally and in building a better relationship between it and our island tax payers. If elected I could only make one promise and that would be to operate in a transparent and honest manner. Thanks for considering me for the District 3 opening, see you on the water.

Wayne R. Snell

To All Islanders from Phyllis NeSmith:

Charles and I bought our place on LGI in 1968, and we have been full time residents of LGI since 2002.

I served on the LGPOA Board for ten years. I was actively involved in the development of the island comprehensive plan, resolution of the dock issues, and the development of our fire and EMS department.

I understand the vital importance of fire protection and EMS on LGI, and I understand how important it is that the islanders control the level and cost of those services for themselves on LGI.

As a current LGIFR Board member, I have worked to assure cost-effective on-island fire and EMS services for islanders, controlled by the islanders. If I am reelected to the Board, I will continue to work hard to achieve those goals on behalf of my island neighbors.


Little Gasparilla Island
​Fire and Rescue, Inc

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My name is Bob Weronik. My wife Cathy and I purchased our home at 8154 LGI in 2012.  I am running for the LGIFR Board of Directors representing District 1. I feel my background, experience and passion for our special island makes me a great candidate for the LGIFR Board of Directors to include:.

  • 18 years experience as a paid and volunteer police officer in Connecticut and Florida including experience as a patrol officer, marine patrol officer, youth program leader, grant writer, community policing coordinator and crime data analyst.
  • * 16 years experience in the private sector as an executive security, risk management and emergency management leader, and consultant to large international companies with experience assessing and building global public safety programs in accordance with industry standards.
  • * 10 years experience as a volunteer and paid emergency medical technician.
  • *  Board level leadership in numerous industry and government organizations dedicated to enhance public safety, crisis management, business continuity, national security, emergency preparedness and developing international and national standards.
  • * Experience building professional and volunteer programs and teams to leverage internal and external talent to achieve organizational goals.
  • * Advanced academic degree and executive leadership training with subject matter expertise in risk, security and emergency management.

Islanders sent a clear message to the current LGIFR leadership that attempting to drastically increase the LGIFR tax assessment was unacceptable.  Innovative strategies, maximizing the resources we have and cost effective programs to enhance LGIFR service delivery is needed. While considering my candidacy, I met with other likeminded islanders numerous times to discuss how to improve the level of service of LGIFR, hold paid leadership accountable, develop and implement an articulable long term strategy, and expand volunteerism and a sense of community without raising tax assessments. Please vote for me. I have spent a lifetime developing the skills and experience needed for the task at hand, and I appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Hello, I'm Andy Hagelin, a candidate to represent LGIFR District 3. 

I believe the LGIFR should have a responsive EMS presence; practical fire planning/equipment for our unique setting; "within-our-means" budgeting; less drama; and no shenanigans. 

My wife, Rebecca, and I are full-time island residents, owners of a Placida Beach condo and several other island properties.  We have been major contributors to LGIFR since moving to the island, and desire a LGIFR that supplements the county 911 service with on-island first response capabilities. 

My history, in brief:

  • Graduated from the U S Naval Academy.
  • Deployed with the 2nd and 6th Fleets.
  • Retired from 30+ years of military service as a naval officer, and civilian service as policy advisor to the Secretary of the Army in the Pentagon.
  • 12 years with BDM Engineering Services Corporation International, and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. 
  • Veteran of countless federal and state budget battles, planning sessions, public meetings, and policy deliberations where I worked to streamline, localize and minimize government operations. 

Now, as a full-time island resident, I'm willing to do my part to ensure that LGIFR is an island asset that reflects the needs and desires shared by the majority of islanders. I would deeply appreciate your vote. 

Thank you,